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Garwood Police Department

The Police Department was founded on May 8, 1908. Originally, the staff was comprised of members of the Marshal Service and Borough Police. Ten hours worked during the day paid $2.50, while ten hours at night paid $3.00. Today the Department has 16 members and 2 dispatchers.

Garwood Fire Department

The Garwood Fire Department, Liberty Hose Company No. 1, was founded the same year of the Borough was incorporated, 1903. While the current 47 member organization is all volunteer, they receive the same training as professional firefighters. Due to the volunteer nature of the organization, the members have a vast diversity of personal skills and training which benefit those they serve. Volunteers are welcome. The horn that blasts every night at 8:00 PM is the daily test for the fire alarm system.

Garwood First Aid Squad

The First Aid Squad was founded in 1939 by six members. Until 1948 the ambulance was housed in the fire station, then with donated time and materials the members built their present building. There are currently 32 members that answer an average of 400 calls per year. The squad operated 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Volunteers are always welcome.

Garwood Public Library

The Garwood Public Library celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 1993. Its 4 staff members are kept busy since more than 50% of the residents have active Library Cards. It has approximately 25,000 titles, 25 different periodical subscriptions, video tapes, books on tape and children's cassettes, and is a source of great pride.

Garwood Post Office

In 1894 the Post Office was started in a corner of the railroad station with Leonard G. Cohen as the first Postmaster. In 1910 the volume of business necessitated changing to a building on North Avenue just east of Center Street. Since that time the office moved to the Silberg Building on South Avenue and then to its present location at 202 Center Street. In 1924 free delivery was instituted.

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