President's 2003 Message

As the New Year is underway, your NJLN Board is busy working on our upcoming New Jersey Nursing Convention. As a part of moving forward, we had a brief opportunity to look back on this past fall's accomplishments, and felt it was worth writing a brief summary for you.

We hope that you enjoyed our Autumn Gala in November, where we celebrated some firsts for the NJLN. This gala represented our largest turnout ever with over 300 + in attendance. In addition, we were proud to be among the first viewers in New Jersey of the newest media campaign that Johnson & Johnson will be launching in 2003 "The Campaign For Nursing's Future. " Another first, and one we are very proud of, was the unveiling of the NJLN's Goals and Objectives for 2002-2004. Our primary priority will be to focus our efforts on bringing continuing education opportunities for our "unsung" heroes, our nursing faculty. This is also the national direction for NLN, as we are encountering an even worse shortage in this role, than the bedside nurse. One of the key strategies that will help us get this effort underway, is the implementation of a "Deans and Directors" Advisory Council to assist us in the identification of faculty needs, as well as, encouraging senior nurses to choose faculty roles for our nursing's future generations. 

I would like share with you the NJLN's new Mission and Philosophy that was created from our fall retreat. We hope it resonates with you, as much as it does for your board.


The New Jersey League for Nursing, as an affiliate of the National League for Nursing, exists to support and implement the advancement of quality nursing education recognizing the needs of the diverse population of New Jersey in response to a rapidly changing health care environment.


We seek to advance the basic tenets of nursing education through a belief that programs and opportunities for professional growth should address the changing needs of diverse students, faculty and practicing nurses in New Jersey. We further believe that forming and promoting partnerships among the various levels of nurses and with the consumers they serve enhance the process. As nursing is poised on a precipice, it is necessary that we take measures to positively promote the profession of nursing through educational endeavors, health care coalitions and with public affirmations of nursing excellence in order to meet the increased demand for quality health care providers.

Ending 2002's activities was our very successful "Designing a Plan for Palliative Care" education day in November, held at The Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Fifty-five nurses enjoyed a day long program with Rosemarie Hertting, RN, MSN, APN,C., Palliative Care Coordinator at Monmouth Medical Center and Maria Termini, RN, MSN, NPC, AOCN, Advance Practice Nurse at Samaritan Hospice in Marlton. The program was added to our 2002 schedule by popular demand after many enjoyed the first part at our pre-convention program in Atlantic City in the spring. It was a great year.

I look forward to seeing all of you in Atlantic City! 

Linda Cuoco, RN, MSA, CNAA, BC